Practice Essentials
Androgenetic(Or pattern)alopecia is genetically determined disorder characterized
by the gradual conversion of terminal hairs into indeterminate , and finally into vellus,hair.
It is an extremely common disease that affects men and women.


The following drugs have been approved by the FDA for the treatement of Androgenetic Alopecia:
Minixide: Androgen-Independent hair growth stimulator
Finasteride-5 -Alpha reductase type 2 inhibitor

The cosmetic result of surgical treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia
are often satisfactory.
Micrografting pruduces a more natural appearance than does the old technique of transpanting plugs


Androgenetic Alopecia Or pattern alopecia,is an extremely common disorder affecting both mane and women.The incidence of Androgenetic alopecia
is generally considered to be greater in males than females.although some evidence suggests that the apparent differences in incidence may be a reflection of different expresssion in males and females